Day Trips

Spring tour to Bengtskär lighthouse

A trip to outer archipelago and a realm of birds every weekend in May 2018. Timetable:

11.00 Kasnäs – Bengtskär
12.15 Arrival in Bengtskär, guiding and lunch
15.45 Bengtskär – Kasnäs
17.00 Arrival in Kasnäs

Fore more information on the Eider duck safari go here.



Day Cruise to the Bengtskär lighthouse and Rosala Viking Centre

The Archipelago Sights Route-cruise starts from Kasnäs from June 2nd to August 26th, one or several departures each day. Here is one timetable:


11.45 Kasnäs – Rosala
12.15 Arrival in Rosala, guiding and lunch
14.00 Rosala – Bengtskär
14.45 Arrival at the lighthouse, guiding
17.30 Bengtskär – Kasnäs
18.45 Arrival in Kasnäs

For more details on the cruise to Bengtskär and Rosala go here.


Day trip to Örö fortress

The trip to Örö starts from Kasnäs every day from June 25th to August 12th with the following timetable:

10.00 Kasnäs – Örö
10.45 Independent touring of the island, café and restaurant open
15.30 Örö – Kasnäs
16.15 Arrival in Kasnäs

Fore more information on the trip to Örö go here.

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