Boat Cruises

Through us you have all the charter boats in the area at your disposal. Taxi boats are generally used for day trips. If your group is looking for more speed, or possibly a sailing course aboard a traditional ship in the same package, powerful RIB boats as well as sailing ships are available.

Boats & ships:

  • Martta

The traveling speeds of the taxi boats are 12-18 knots, which means that, for example, the trip from Kasnäs to Bengtskär takes about an hour:
Martta II / 10 persons
Ida II / 20
Alva / 21
Ocean / 33
Minandra / 40
Sissel / 75

Kasnäs Water Sport RIB-boat / 12 persons, for larger groups two boats if necessary. Travelling speed 50 knots, power rather than admiring the landscape.

The yacht Eugenia / 25 persons

Send us information about the trip you want and receive an offer with a suggested timetable by e-mail.