Archipelago HopOn is a concept, that you can use to easily book a trip to the archipelago also when travelling without you own car. For example, you can book a day trip to the Rosala Viking Centre and the bus will take you from Helsinki all the way to Rosala and Hitis, every Tuesday and Thursday in July. Here is the time-table for the bus and contact information for booking. (Ti=Tuesday, To=Thursday, P=Friday, Lö=Saturday, Ss=Sunday/bank holiday)

Vainion Liikenne: Bus from Helsinki and Turku to Kasnäs. Once a week (Wednesdays) also to Hitis/Rosala. You can find the timetables also on Matkahuolto.

Aurora is the car ferry between Kasnäs and Rosala. Please note that both Rosala and Hitis are approximately 5 km away from the ferry, so if you are not prepared for a hike you rent a bicycle from Kasnäs or call a taxi. Rosala taxi +358 40 722 4242, Hitis taxi +358 400 697 916.

M/S Stellas route takes you to the smaller islands in both the western and eastern part of the Hitis archipelago.

The Archipelago Sights Route is a day cruise that includes visits to the Bengtskär lighthouse and Rosala Viking Centre, every day from 1st June to 30th August 2020. Departure from Kasnäs at 10.30 and from Rosala at 12.50.

Below are the timetables for boat transfers to Örö. Information and booking.