Örö fortress

At the fortress Örö you can enjoy the silence of nature and amazing archipelago landscapes. There are guided tours available with varying specifications, either with emphasis on the island’s extraordinary nature, or the exiting cultural and military history. There is a wide range of services, everything from a guest harbour and exhibitions to accommodation and a restaurant, not to mention two different marked hiking trails.


Traveling to Örö is effortless from Kasnäs. There is daily boat traffic from June to August, outside the summer season couple times a week. If you want to plan your own trip, you can find timetables and more information at www.visitoro.fi. Both guided tours and meals can be booked on site.

If you prefer a ready-made cruise package, charter transfers to Örö for groups can be organized all year round with the exception of the ice period in wintertime.

For more information about Örö, go to www.nationalparks.fi.