Bus tours for groups

We arrange eventful tours of the outer archipelago for groups wishing to familiarise themselves with the area’s unique nature and history.

The tours can include food at Strandhotellet in Dalsbruk as well as visits to the Kasnäs Spa Hotel, the Rosala Viking Centre, Örö fortress island, Hitis village, the Bengtskär lighthouse, Högsåra village, and other destinations in the Hitis archipelago.


Here are a few examples of prepared programmes. Each package can be modified to include exactly the stops you want! We reserve the right to price changes, ask for a binding offer by e-mail or using the contact form.

Available all year round
Packages 1), 2) and 3)

Package 1)

Through Bruket to the iron-age archipelago

The Bruksmuseum in Dalsbruk as well as Strandhotellet, Rosala Viking Centre
11.30 Guided tour of the Bruksmuseum and furnaces in Dalsbruk
13.00 Strandhotellet, lunch (appetizer buffet, two main dishes and coffee)
14.00 Start towards Kasnäs
15.00 To Rosala with the M/S Aurora ferry
15.45-17.45 The Viking Centre, short guiding + coffee and a snack
18.00 To Kasnäs with the M/S Aurora ferry

Package price: 39,00 / person

Notice that on Sundays, the M/S Aurora ferry departs at 17:30, shortening the Viking Centre visit somewhat. The complete schedule for the M/S Aurora ferry can be found here.

Package 2)

In the wake of the Vikings

Rosala Viking Centre, Hitis village
11.30 To Rosala with the M/S Aurora ferry
12.15 Viking Centre, guided tour of the viking village + lunch soup
15.00 Departure for Hitis
15.15 Guided tour of the church in Hitis
16.15 Backom Café, coffee and pastries
Hitis village shop right beside the café
18.00 To Kasnäs with the M/S Aurora ferry

Package price: 41,00 / person

Package 3)

Water delights

Hotel Kasnäs, Rosala Viking Centre
Notice that this package is available for groups traveling all the way by bus only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, due to the schedule of the M/S Aurora ferry. Ask about charter transport by boat Kasnäs-Rosala-Kasnäs!

12.30 Kasnäs Paviljong, lunch (archipelago buffet)
14.00-16.00 Kasnäs Spa
16.35 To Rosala with the M/S Aurora ferry
17.10 Viking Centre, dinner (see menu) and viking activities
20.00 To Kasnäs with the M/S Aurora ferry
Package price: 61,50-93,50 / person depending on the day of the week and the dinner menu

Visits available 1.5 – 30.9
Packages 4), 5) and 6). These packages include charter boat transport to the archipelago. More information about the boats is available on the Boat Cruises-page.

Package 4)

Archipelago, Vikings and lighthouse

Rosala Viking Centre, Bengtskär lighthouse
12.15 Boat trip Kasnäs-Rosala
12.45 Arrival at Rosala Viking Centre, guided tour and lunch soup
14.40 Boat trip Bengtskär-Rosala
15.30 Arrival at Bengtskär, guided tour + coffee and pastries
18.20 Boat trip Bengtskär-Kasnäs
19.40 Arrival in Kasnäs

Package price according to group size

During the summer, 29.5-29.8.2021, an equivalent trip is available for the price of 68,00 / person (on Saturdays á 74,00), plus coffee at Bengtskär for 6,00 if ordered. In this case the price includes reservations on a cruise boat along with other passengers. No minimum group size, also available for individuals. Read more about the cruise to the Viking Centre and Bengtskär lighthouse.

Package 5)

Memories of struggles at sea

Örö fortress island, Bengtskär lighthouse

10.30 Charter boat Kasnäs-Örö
11.15 Arrival at Örö, guided tour of barracks and casemate
12.45 Lunch
14.40 Charter boat Örö-Bengtskär
15.30 Bengtskär, guided tour + coffee and pastries
17.30 Charter boat Bengtskär-Kasnäs
18.50 Arrival in Kasnäs

Package price according to group size

In this package we concentrate on the history of Örö island, meaning there isn’t time to walk all the nature paths on the island. If your group wants to get to know the history of Örö as well as its unique nature, we recommend package 6.

Package 6)

A day on Örö – nature and history

Örö fortress island


11.30 Charter boat Kasnäs-Örö
12.15 Arrival at Örö, lunch
13.30 Guided nature tour and nature path, guided tour of barracks and casemate
ca 17.15 Coffee and pastries
18.15 Charter boat Örö-Kasnäs
19.00 Arrival in Kasnäs

Package price according to group size and the day of the week.

When possible, we can use regular connections with other passengers in the same boat. Public transportation is environmentally friendly and often more economical than charter boats.

Terms applying to all packages:
– Prices don’t include bus transport. We can also provide an offer which includes bus transport.
– Prices apply to groups of at least 20 persons. For smaller groups according to agreement.
– Prices include VAT.
– Driver and/or tour leader for free depending on group size and destination.
– Trips to Bengtskär depend on the weather, alternative programs can be arranged.

These are examples of schedules which have worked well, but we can customise packages according to the wishes of each customer. Contact us and we will prepare a package which suits you!