Archipelago HopOn HopOff is an entirely new concept, that you can use to easily book a trip to the archipelago also when travelling without you own car. For example, you can book a day trip to the Rosala Viking Centre and the bus will take you from Helsinki all the way to Rosala and Hitis, every Thursday in July. Here is the time-table for the bus and contact information for booking. (Tors=Thursday, Lö/Lau=Saturday, Sö/Sun=Sunday)


Vainion Liikenne: Bus from Helsinki and Turku to Kasnäs. Once a week (Wednesdays) also to Hitis/Rosala. Please note that for that transfer you need to be already in the near area in the morning, so it is not possible to take a round trip from Turku/Helsinki during the same day.

Launokorpi bus traffic between Turku and Kasnäs, bossible to kombin with a trip to Örö.

Aurora is the car ferry between Kasnäs and Rosala. Please note that both Rosala and Hitis are approximately 5 km away from the ferry, so if you are not prepared for a hike you can call a taxi. Rosala taxi 040 722 42 42, Hitis taxi 0400 697 916.

M/S Stellas route takes you to the smaller islands in both the western and eastern part of the Hitis archipelago.

The Archipelago Sights Route is a day cruise that includes visits to the Bengtskär lighthouse and Rosala Viking Centre, every day from 3rd June to 27th August 2017. Information and booking.

Below are the time-tables for boat transfers to Örö. Information and booking.

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